Erp4u is an ERP system with a multilingual user interface

In today’s modern, globalized, digital economy, the ability of a system to offer multilingual access to it and to be able to instantly switch to the desired language is a highly sought after functionality. Such a system is erp4u. Each

ERP4U on a local server or in the cloud?

Мястото, където се съхранява една ERP система винаги е пораждало дилема сред собствениците и мениджърите на компании защото от нейната безотказна и защитена работа зависи просперитета на фирмата, нейните служители и нейните клиенти. Storing the ERP system on a local

The Challenges of the Digital Economy and the ERP4U System

In today’s dynamic world, companies are striving hard to be on the crest of the wave and seize every new growth opportunity against their competitors. The economic logic of today’s industry does not allow passivity and relying solely on previous