Erp4u is an ERP system with a multilingual user interface

In today’s modern, globalized, digital economy, the ability of a system to offer multilingual access to it and to be able to instantly switch to the desired language is a highly sought after functionality.

Such a system is erp4u.

Each user can choose their preferred language as soon as they identify themselves in the system. In addition, the profile language that the interface will work with and can be fixed on its profile each time it is logged on. Thus, different national users can work with the system without affecting their work processes at all. In this way, the system supports the work of modern international companies without requiring its users to use a specific language.

It is known that such functionality is offered by world leaders in ERP systems, but this is at the expense of serious investment from customers. By contrast, erp4u is fully accessible to small companies that can be deployed quickly and easily internationally. If you find this topic interesting, we are happy to contact you.

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