ERP4U on a local server or in the cloud?

Мястото, където се съхранява една ERP система винаги е пораждало дилема сред собствениците и мениджърите на компании защото от нейната безотказна и защитена работа зависи просперитета на фирмата, нейните служители и нейните клиенти.

Storing the ERP system on a local server in the company creates the feeling for the owners that it is invulnerable to external interference and its work depends solely on the quality of the equipment and qualification of the IT specialists who support it. This approach allows companies to have a relatively acceptable operating life when the system can operate safely and safely. The problem is that nowadays, as a result of the rapid development of technology, more and more upgrading of the equipment and its software is required, which causes stress for the users and the support team, and costs the company more additional investment.

When the ERP system is installed a virtual cloud, taking care of its maintenance is part of the service being provided benefits and business owners do not need to keep staff highly qualified IT specialists for its support, a they just have to rely on the company data protection service at storing them in the cloud. In this approach, the seamless and fast optical internet is crucial to the operation of the system. In addition, the ERP4U system is designed to provide high security for the corporate data stored on the server.

So how to decide where to be the server of ERP4U?

If available with a special, air – conditioned room with outside access uninterrupted power supply and you have enough highly qualified IT staff to handle it to constantly maintain your ERP system, it is a good idea to prefer it be on a local server.

If you have high-speed optical Internet connection and do not have enterprise servers on your company’s premises, as well as staffed IT staff to support your ERP system, it is better to have it installed in a cloud where security your business data will be guaranteed once by the cloud operator and once again by the ERP4U system itself.

We hope that we have helped you make your decision, and if you are not already, we are ready to answer your questions.

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