A modern solution

ERP4U is a brand new product designed to meet today's requirements, based on the latest Microsoft .Net Core technology. It will help you avoid investing in outdated technology and inadequate business processes.


ERP4U is a browser-independent web application available in the cloud through any mobile or landline device connected to the Internet.


ERP4U is the latest product of the CSDC software series for you. As a result, each client has his or her own view of the work environment and individualized functionality. At the end of implementation, the client has its own unique ERP system.


The system provides an interface for quick and easy connection with other applications used by the client.

ERP4U offers

Authorized access

It is managed by a system administrator. Using the administration module, it defines roles and assigns consumer rights. The system works with a very flexible set of roles and a set of rights that allows each user to access only the information and functionality they need.


- Administration
- Clients
- Products
- Sales
- Delivery
- Production
- Service

Action register

Every single action of the customer's employees is saved and can be tracked at any time.


It provides an easy intuitive way to process information and a complete set of CRUD operations for all supported objects. System operations are performed in real time, allowing the client to have real data and accurate status at all times.
Приложението е многоезично, така че може да се използва от потребители от различни страни или от служители, които ползват друг език.
На всеки индивидуален елемент в системата (продукт, резрвна част и т.н.) е присвоен уникален вътрешносистемен код, който позволява пълно проследяване по целия му жизнен цикъл.


Free of charge, one-year support is provided to each client after implementation. The ERP4U team then provides out-of-warranty services on an annual subscription basis.

Възможности на ERP система